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The Life and Times of That Guy At The Theatre [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jose Desiato

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whozzis now? [Jan. 13th, 2002|12:28 am]
Jose Desiato
[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |System of a Down - Spiders]

Check it out, man! I'm evil, are you?
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of course [Jan. 12th, 2002|10:19 am]
Jose Desiato
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Beck - Two Turntables and a Microphone]

this morning i was awoken to an immense explosion. it sounded as if a bomb had gone off outside. it was very very very very very very loud. i guess a squirrel got in the transformer, cause it had exploded and there was no power. within 20 minutes or so, georgia power came and replaced the thing. power back. im going to walk up to radio shack now.
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mmm i like twix. if anyone wants to buy a 48 unit pack of twix, call me [Jan. 12th, 2002|10:14 am]
Jose Desiato
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |MDFMK - Transmutation]

 You are eccentric, stop denying who you are.  You like to walk into a store at 11 in the afternoon in your bathrobe and slippers.  But you're
brilliant.  You think outside the box, as well as philosophize just about everything.

Take the Namir Deiter Character Poll!

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12 page test from hell unnnghhhhhhh [Jan. 11th, 2002|10:48 pm]
Jose Desiato
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |MDFMK - Control?]

<< *~*~Beginning~*~*
What time is it: 5:04:36 PM
What is the date: 01/10/02

*~*~Info about you~*~*
Full Name: Jose Desiato
How is it pronounced: HO-zay deh-ZEE-otto
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Birthday: July 22
Where do you live: USA
Where else have you lived: San Francisco

What state: State of mind? Theta Brainwaves
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
What school do you go to: Athens Academy
What is your mascot: Spartan. Even though the Athenians and Spartans hated each other and were at war.
What are your school colors: green and white
Nicknames: Joe, Fat Joe, Intrepid Bunny of the L33T Bunny Clan, The Devil, Foo, Apotheosis Punk, Joe Camel, Joe Squirrel, Joe Chameau, "that scary guy," Joe the Cow, Joe the Warcow, Twitlet, Punk, Loser, Tim.

Where were you born: San Francisco
What hospital: San Francisco Hospital
What are your hobbies: joe doesn't feel like answering this

Hair color: Brown
Ever died your hair: No, but going to this week
What color: Black
Hair length: 1-2 inches up
Eye color: greeeeeeen
Height: about 6'
Weight: Who knows if ive even broken 100
Have any pets: A doogy.
Whats their names: Clover.

What do you regret the most: whatever I did last night *takes aspirin and groans*

If you could do anything without consequences, what would it be: I'm not going to let the world know whats coming by revealing this, fool.

Do you have braces: yes, not for long hopefully
Do you have glasses: contacts
Are you good at school: good at slacking!
Shoe size: 11 or 12, depends

Car: Delorean
Color: black, then light blue, then phosphorescent green
Teacher: Mr. Marine
Class: Computer Science
Day of the week: Saturday
Holiday: Joe Celebration Day (no, not my birthday)
Season: Summer
Month: July
Sport: Active Sports? BADMINTON! Followed by swimming, then frizbee
Movie: Pi
Actress: Angelina Jolie
Actor: Steve Buscemi
T.V. show: Trigun
Food: fooooooooodlikemeat
Drink: things mixed with coke
Male singer: Ronan Harris of VNV Nation
Female singer: Lucia Cifarelli of MDFMK (but Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto are 2nd)
E-mail buddy: I don't do email outside of school
Word: indeed, trick, foo, FORK!, niork…
Brand of shoes: NEW BALANCE, BABY! W00T!
Radio station: 99X, broadcasting at 99.7
Room in your house: This
Concert you have been to: Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger!

CD: MDFMK - MDFMK, with Barenaked Ladies - Stunt in a close second (NOOO!! Not for the song One Week! please.)
Pizza Topping: ham + pineapple
State: Florida, California
City: Venice, Miami, Paris
Place: Islington
Letter: X
Number: 27, 23, 54911, 42
Vacation spot: Florida
Cereal: Lucky Marms
Ice cream flavor: Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookiez & Cream
Video game: Zombies Ate my Neighbors

*~*~Your friends~*~*
Friends: Walker, Owen, Katie, Carrie, Alysha, Brian, Chitty, Leite, Garrett, Beth, Christina, Cassie, Angela, GhettoServ, YouAreBadPerson, SuperCom, FileForker (what? I like my computers) and anyone I forgot. OH yeah, hey Sara Beth. heheh
Best friend: The electron
Spend most time with: My computers
Best house: ummmmm of whose haüses I know, I would say Carrie's haüs
Funniest: hmmmm Garrett or Beth methinks
Smartest: Walker or Katie
Hottest: ummm Beth!
Strongest: Leite is the only one that can even dream of reaching my buffness!
Most athletic: I dunno who is the MOST athletic
Knows you the best: Walker and Garrett
Most outgoing: LOLOL Angela is very "outgoing"
Most shy: unno
Always negative: most
Most trustworthy: I dunno… Walker?
Most trusting: CHITTY! Thanks for the loans
Most fun to be with: everyone at once!
Best dressed: Me.
Best eyes: I have a problem with looking in peoples eyes. Insecurity or something. Unless I'm trying to scare them by staring at them! :D
Most depressed: Alysha?
One to gossip with: Cassie ^^
Sweetest: mmmm… dunno
Most annoying: Me!
Who follows you: Follow me? None.
Do you make friends easily: Only if they are crazy, weird, or geeky. OR IF THEYRE HOT, I TRY AS HARD AS POSSIBLE WH33333 (crap, did I just say that?)

Are you intimidated by any of your friends: Katie can be pretty scary sometimes

If u were stranded on a desert island then who, out of your friends, would u
want to be there with u: whichever one is the most skilled at shipbuilding

Who do u think would help u the most if u were in trouble: depends what kind of trouble

Who do u think would risk their life to save yours: hopefully none
Who is the most popular: Ummm… probably Beth and them
Who is the most unpopular: Depends what kind of 'popular' youre talking about
Who do u want to go to college with: everyone! But im afraid that im the only one that can get into MIT on a football scholarship
Who do u wish could be part of your family: oh god, none of these freaks!
Who is the biggest junk food junkie: dunno but leite always seems to have good food at his place
Who would do anything for 1 million bucks: Definitely Katie. Rocklicker.
Who do u think has the nicest siblings: Nordgren has a weird one
Who do u think has the nicest mom: uhhhh Carrie?
Who do u think has the nicest dad: They all say my hair is stupid! Rarrr!! But Owen's dad is the man!

Who do you have the most inside jokes with: Garrett and Walker

*~*~This or That~*~*
Red or Blue: Bloo
Pretzels or Potato Chips: Pretzels, I don't like plain chips, unless they're the cape cod kind. Not to mention that I'm in the Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Club
Jeans or Khakis: KHAKIS I hat jeans. Have you ever seen me in jeans?
Comedy or Drama: Comedy
Computer or TV: derrr no question here, folks
Gold or Silver: Silver
Outgoing or Shy: Depends on if the person shares any interests that I know of
Tall or Short: Tall
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner… breakfast is coke, and has little meat in it
Day or Night: Night so I can magically turn into DJ Spokki
Radio or Cd's: Mp3s
Internet or Phone: Internet!
98 degrees or O town: urf… Cradle of Filth?
Happy or sad: Psycho
Guy or girl: uhh depends what youre talking about
Sexy or Cute: Both! Whee!
Tuff or wimpy: Tuff Stuff rrrrr
Strong or weak: Strong
Funny or hilarious: hilarity
Summer or winter: summer no doubt
Love or lust: why not both?
Friends or family: friends
Car or truck: delorean
Dog or cat: Dog! Except for Kuronekosama!
Walk or run: Walk as fast as some people run
Inside or outside: Inside the outside
Hurricane or Tornado: Hurricane
Thunder or lightning: lightning pretty
Rain or snow: would anyone (in Georgia at least) not pick snow?
Hail or sleet: hail is more destructive
Sunny or cloudy: Sun
Loud or quiet: Depends
Mcdonalds or Burger king: Wendys
Hardee's or Arby's: Arby's
Rebel or goodie goodie: guess
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Coke or pepsi: Coke
Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper: They taste exactly the same from a fountain
White chocolate or normal chocolate: normal
Britney or Christina: Britney
Black or white: black
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
Diary or journal: LiveJournal
Writing or typing: typing
Cold or hot: hot
Pen or pencil: both
Candle or insence: incense
Plain paper or lined paper: depends on the complexity of the document
Blonde or brunette: Brunette
Curly or straight: straight. Straight UP!
Blanket or sleeping bag: sleep in a bag
Shower or bath: Hot Tubb
Purfume or Body spray: perfume
Wal-mart or target: kmart
American Eagle or Abercrombie: never been to those places
Hamburgers or hotdogs: Country Club Hot Dogs, Baby!!!
Pop tart or toaster strudels: both good, but toaster strudels methinks
Chicken or turkey: turke!
MTV or VH1: VH1 is less degrading to watch, methionks
Shorts or pants: shorts
Tank tops or t-shirts: wifebeater, of course
Spanish or German: German

Rich and dumb or Poor and smart: Poor and smart
Markers or colored pencils: colored pencils
Boxers or briefs: boxes
Nike or Adidas: Prolly Adidas cuz the acronym is good and NIKE SUCKS.
Mercedes or BMW: BMW
Orange or grape: Orange
Lime or lemon: lemon
Striped or plaid: PLAID
Innie or outie: innie
Hot tub or sauna: hot tub! Whee!
Land or water: water and vast nothingness
Sneeze or cough: sneeze is fun!!
Truth or dare: dare
SNL or mad tv: SNL
Drummers or guitar players: I play drums, so, yeah.

*~*~Which way would you spell it~*~*
Megan or Meghan: Megan
Lacey or Lacy: Lacy
Steven or Stephen: Steven
Kurt or Curt: Kurt
Mark or Marc: Marc
Brandi or Brandy: Not sure
Eric or Erik: Erik
Corrine or Carine: Corrine, but I say they are different names, not spellings
Kari or Carrie: Carrie, different names again
Jackie or Jackqui: Jackie
Deseray or Desirae: Desirae
Ashley or Ashleigh: Ashley
Their or there: I hate it when people put the wrong one. Idiots.
Two, too, or to: MORE IDIOTS
Here or hear: IDIOTS!!

*~*~Love life~*~*
Do you have a crush: no, unless you mean the drink. Those are good
Whats his or her name: Orange Crush
How old are they: It's been around since at least the 30s, actually
How long have you liked him or her: I don't know
If you could kiss anyone in the world, who would it be: See Answer Below

If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be: Eccentrica Galumbits!! The Triple Breasted Whore of Eroticon VI !

Do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: dummmmmper
Do you think there is a person for everyone: yeah
If yes, do you know who yours is: noooooo!
Do you believe in love at first sight: only for the mentally imperfect
Have you ever been in love: hmmmm maybe
What do you think love is: chemical reaction in the amygdala

Do you have a b/f or g/f: nope
Do you want one: sure

First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Endsley
Last word you said: Not sure. But the last word that Jessica Alba said was 'bars'
Last song you sang: Standing by VNV Nation
Last meal you ate: Dinner, Papa Johns, Sausage
Favorite childhood cartoon: The Simpsons, of course
What did you hate most about school: working
Last person you flipped off: Mrs Piriou
Last song stuck in your head: Transmutation by MDFMK
What line/verse: I never thought that I'd crash so hard… It hit me right when I hit the ground… Something inside of my head got way too good at being bad… Transmutation… information… transmutating the equation… I don't know what exactly occurred, the vision is foggy and the memory's blurred. Im hearing things ive never heard… Transmutation… is consuming…
Last time you bled: Lets just say ive been playing with the dremel a lot lately (multipurpose rotary tool. mine is 25000 rpms)

What's in your CD player: MDFMK - MDFMK
What color sox are you wearing: white
What's under your bed: a bench press bar and half of a smaller bar (its halfway under the bed)
What's the weather like: dark
What time did you wake up today: 6:30 or so
Did you think it was earlier, later, or on time: time

Who do you want to marry: I think I might have to use a random word selection program to divine the future

Are you going to college: Yeah
If so, how long do you want to go: depends on slackery and job market
Where do you want to go: MIT on a football scholarship. Or digipen
What is your career going to be: comp sci or something
Where are you going to live: cardboard box
How many kids do you want: 1 or 2
Kids names girls: Ariana
Kids names boys: Damon
Where do you want your honeymoon: Moo-n, I unno, somewhere nice. Reminds me of Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai
What kind of car will you have: Delorean, duh

What kind of house will you have: One in the side of a mesa with gigantic windows. The window is facing the 27 levels of the complex, with big free space - a gigantic atrium. In the atrium is a small cantilevered platform wi.. (im rambling again. If you want the blueprints, ask me)

*~*~Have you ever~*~*
Smoked: yes
Been Drunk: yes
Been high: on wot?
Done drugs: 99.9% of humans have (caffeine)
Skinny dipped: I think wearing a speedo classifies as indecent exposure, and I would therefore be skinny dipping at swim meets.
Partied until the sun came up: hell yes
Stole: probably
Stayed up all night on the internet: virtually every day in the summer, or breaks, or saturdays.
Met someone off the internet (in person): yeah.
Cried over a guy/girl: I don't cry
Been in a fist fight: yes!
Been in a cat fight: many many times! eeeee!!! flail
Wanted to kill someone: no longer
Fell off a chair: yes, ive been sitting in chairs as they break often. Ive been through 4 chairs in the past year. I think this one might last me longer since I actually bought it new, but the leather is wearing through and has ripped in a couple places from wear already. Poo. At least this time I prolly wont fall thru.

Do you like your handwriting: yes. The only thing I suck at is my signature. I don't get it.
If you could be anybody, who would you be and why: Me, cuz I do things.
What superhero would you be: Comic Book Guy
Do you have any piercings: not that you can see
Any tattoos: not in places that you've ever seen before (well I guess it depends who is reading this. People on my swim team maybe.)
If so where: read ^
If not, where and what do you want: …
Are you picky: depends, but probably not
What makes you cry: nothing. Except REALLY good songs.
What makes you mad: racism, homophobes, idiots, the intolerant
What do you think of Eminem: funny
Do you like cartoons: yes
Do you believe in God: former employer
Do you think there is a hell: live there
Do you believe in the devil: I am
When you get mad, do you swear a lot: no
Got milk: sometimes. I prefer cream
Do you have a magic 8 ball: no.
Ever worn black nail polish: yes heheheheheheheh
Do you have your own tv and vcr: tv + dvd
Do you believe in fate: pffffft, well technically, but that just has to do with the fact that time is already plotted out, but there are infinite continuums, therefore it doesn't matter, so no.
Do you see dead people: ummmmm
Are you a good speller: I was in the regional spelling bee
Do you ever steal anything from hotels: they don't have anything good. Tvs too big
what is your last name backwards?: otaised

Do you want to be the first person on the sun when you grow up?: uh.

pimps...cool, scary, or illegal?: some people call me scary, some governments call me illegal, I think that I might have heard someone once say that I was "cold" and I assume that to mean cool, so yes.

What Do These Words Make You Think Of:
Rainbow: lukky marmz
Frog: bullfrog entertainment
Carol: someone named carol. I made her up in my head. She may be moving in permanently. Damn. Another tenant.
Solider: gi…. JOE
Star: the street light that is directly in front of me outside my window
Ticket: movie
Breakfast: break things fast. then run.

Who do you like to shop with? Wallet!!

Gossip With? Miss Cleo
Talk with the most? Miss Cleo
Trust the most? MISS CLEO!
Flirt with the most? Ummmm miss cleo?

Laugh with...? everyone!
Give advice too...? me. oy

Who gives you advice? Miss Cleo
Best Friend? Miss Cleo

Best dancer? That I've danced with cuz I don't know any others (Professional Dancers)????? Ummmm Libby's pretty good. OH!! That guy that I saw playing Dance Dance Revolution was good too.
Best singer? Already done this one - It's Lucia Cifarelli
Best writer? DOUGLAS ADAMS
Best Smile? Hmmmm id have to think about it
Most Creative? Katies come up with some strange stuff
Best Dressed? Oooo… no one that ive seen. I would be, but those clothes require tons of dry cleaning, and my dad is rarrrrr to more spending

Florida or California? Wow. Those were my 2 up there ^. Florida cuz of Miami.
Sprite or 7-UP? Sprite.
Mountains or the beach? Beach
Savage Garden or BB Mak? Apoptygma Berzerk
AIM or MSN Messenger? AIM
Geography or Math? Geography
Leonardo DiCaprio or not? Ill pop the cutey cute boy.
Ice Cream: Didn't I already answer this?
Private schools or Public schools? laptop
Email or Phone? IM
Baseball or Basketball? Baseball
Do you like quieter people or extremely outgoing people? both
Sun or Moon? Moo-n
Christmas or Your Birthday? Christmas
Blue or Purple? bloo
Creed or Blink-182? Uhhhh blink
Gelly Roll pens or Milky Pens? Gelly Roll
Gap or Limited? Never been in gap.
Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop? Bath & body würx
Australia or Africa? Australia
Flirting or a good conversation? Good conversation with much flirting interspersed!
which is scarier: tornado, hurricane, or earthquake? Earthquake because of unpredictability. Believe the San Franciscan.
Middle School or High School? No.
Blue eyes or Brown eyes? bloo
Gelled hair or un-gelled hair (for guys)? E:D spikky gel
Nintendo 64 or Playstation? N64.
Guinea Pigs or Hamsters? Pigs taste better
Bikinis or Tankinis? Tankinis? Ill stick with bikinis
Hawaii or the Bahamas? Kawaiiiii!!!

*~ The Person who sent this to ya*~
What's their name? No one sent it but it was on Alysha's LJ
How old are they? 16?
Are they your friend? Yeah
Why? compugeekiness
Describe them: geek no da.

End Time: 10:44 PM 01-11-02

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!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! [Jan. 11th, 2002|03:56 pm]
Jose Desiato
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |MDFMK - Transmutation]

According to the Which Sanrio Character Are You? quiz, I am:

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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2002|09:01 pm]
Jose Desiato
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |MDFMK - Stare at the Sun]

YAY! You’re the walrus! As the most badass character found in the Artic, you pack power in your blubber. Nobody messes with you. And if they do, you smack the poor foo’s into oblivion. Just like Mr. T.
Take the Eskimo Bob Character Selector!
Quiz by josedesiato and starchanchan
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werf [Jan. 7th, 2002|04:54 pm]
Jose Desiato
[mood |groggygroggy]
[music |MDFMK - Rabble Rouser (VeXeD MiX)]

If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Sergei Rakhmaninov.

I lived in the early Twentieth Century and was well known for my compositional, conducting, and piano skills, yet I am melancholy despite this talent. My famous works include my nearly-impossible piano concerti.

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

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Flaming Toilet Duk! [Jan. 7th, 2002|12:48 pm]
Jose Desiato
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |mdfmk - Rabble Rouser]


Malicious, evil, sadistic... those all describe you perfectly. World domination, preferably through violent, destructive means, is your ultimate goal. You really, really, really like to play with fire. Remember: if you set the whole world on fire, there will be nothing left to dominate! [Joe Note: this is not true! I control the universe!! world is tiny! tinnnnny!]
Take The Flaming Quiz at Fire For Ice!
Quiz by fire4ice
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w3rf [Jan. 6th, 2002|08:06 pm]
Jose Desiato
[mood |depresseddepressed]
[music |MDFMK - Get Out Of My Head - CH000P Edit]

I took the McDonalds test, and guess what I got?

You can take the
McDonalds Product Test
by Matio64
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ive really got to know what gel he uses [Jan. 4th, 2002|06:44 pm]
Jose Desiato
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |MDFMK - Torpedoes]

<table width="250">

I'm Seymour. I have big hair, and enjoy torturing aeons. I feel that I should be worshipped. I like to steal yo' woman!!
Take the Final Fantasy X Character Quiz!

Ok, BTW, the MDFMK stuff on the self titled album is really good but not available on audiogalaxy or most of the other places. It's really good of course.
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